5 Affordable Ways To Give Your Child A Cartoon Themed Bedroom

5 Affordable Ways To Give Your Child A Cartoon Themed Bedroom

5 Affordable Ways To Give Your Child A Cartoon Themed Bedroom

We often get queries from parents on kids’ bedroom decorating ideas. Most of the queries revolve around making a cartoon themed bedroom for a young child, who wants a lively and colorful room, which makes him/ her feel like living in there forever. However, kids’ tastes change every now and then, and parents often want an affordable solution, so that tomorrow if they like Hello Kitty instead of Tweety, they can make their kids happy by changing around the bedroom décor all over again and still not feel their pockets getting stressed.


The team at Make‘n’Live suggests 5 simple and affordable ways to transform your child’s bedroom into his/her dream cartoon themed bedroom.


1. Get Cartoon Wall Murals/ Decals

Wall murals or wall decals are simple wall stickers that are available in various shapes and sizes in the market. Most of these decals are quite cheap, and can be easily stuck on your walls yourself without any professional help. They instantly liven up a dull wall, and a combination of such cartoon themed murals or decals based on your child’s tastes can surely make the room look good.



2. Get Cartoon Bed Sheets

You’re going to be buying the bed linen anyway for your child’s room, so might as well buy the Spiderman bed sheet or the Batman pillow that he has been going crazy over for a long time now. These don’t put any extra burden on your pocket, and are easily available on most online or home décor and home shopping stores.


3. Get Cartoon Curtains

Like cartoon themed bed sheets, there are plenty of choices in the market for cartoon themed curtains as well. Again, these are quite affordable and can help you in planning your kid’s bedroom interior. Opt for brighter colors and bigger prints that instantly look appealing.


4. Get Cartoon Shaped Accessories

These could include photo frames, mirrors, wall lights, wall hooks, cushions, cartoon themed rugs and so much more that’s available in the silhouettes or shape of your child’s favorite cartoon. Such accessories not only add more value to the room, but are also useful and serve the dual purpose of decoration and utility together.

5. Spread Your Child’s Favorite Toys

If your child loves a particular cartoon character a lot, then he/she is sure to have a lot of stuff toys of that cartoon. Spread those around the room, and also decorate the walls with sketches or drawings that your child must have made of that cartoon. Hang paper strings and other craftsy decorative material that your child has made in the theme colors of the cartoon, and it will surely bring a personal touch to the bedroom interior.

So, you see? Redecorating a child’s bedroom is not that difficult, after all. You just need some home décor inspiration, most of which will come from your child, as he/she tells you what is it that he/she loves about a particular cartoon, and that will instantly trigger bedroom interior ideas in your head. So go ahead and ask your child how he/she would like the bedroom to be like and get started!


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