Creating Your Work-From-Home Office

Creating Your Work-From-Home Office

Creating Your Work-From-Home Office

A lot of professionals these days work from home, as this model of work offers more ease and flexibility, especially to independent professionals such as writers, photographers, graphic designers and the likes. Needless to say, these people need a dedicated space in their house where they can work from and keep their equipment organized. While most people have a separate room in their home, which they convert into a study or an office space, there are others who don’t have that big a house and are left with limited choices in terms of creating their work-from-home office.


Here’s how you can make an effective and productive work-from-home office without getting your peace disrupted, and without getting distracted from homely temptations and chores!


1. Choose Your Space

Like we said, ideally, it’s always good to have a separate room altogether, so you can lock the door and you know that you are now in ‘work mode’. However, if you don’t have that kind of luxury, then simply get one of those room partitions to demarcate a certain area of a room that you want to put your work desk in. You also get curtain dividers, which can look quite nice when you match them with the rest of your room décor Get something dark  in color, and something that is opaque, so you are instantly blocked from the rest of your home space and know that this is your work area.



2. Get Office Furniture

A dining table or a bed table can support a laptop, but doesn’t exactly transport you into an office setup. So you need a proper work station, where you can set up your laptop, printer, hard drives and other work-related equipment, with proper plug points in accessible distance. You need the right table height, and a proper office chair to match that. Remember, this is different from working from a bed, so you need a proper chair that keeps your posture correct and makes you feel like you are in office.


3. Get Proper Lighting

It is vital that your workspace has proper lighting for you to be able to concentrate better and not lose focus. The rest of your home may have mood lighting to suit the interiors, but your work-from-home space needs lighting that is bright and is directed towards your table or laptop screen. Get table lamps or wall lamps with adjustable necks for you to direct the beam as per your preference and position. Also get good ceiling lights and bulbs that are bright enough to make the room well-lit.



4. Invest In Proper Storage

Too much clutter on your tables in the form of files and papers can be a cause of distraction. It is crucial for you to invest in storage solutions such as wall cabinets, shelves etc. which are around your main workstation for you to access things easily.


5. Keep Personal Things Away

This means that you need to get rid of the gaming consoles, munchies, puzzle books and other such recreational things. Keep them all in the ‘home’ section of your house and avoid keeping any such things in the ‘office’ section of your home. You can instead keep some inspirational quotes on the walls to motivate you.


The idea is to maintain a minimalistic approach towards your workspace with only a few things on your desk and around you, so that there is less clutter for you to be able to focus better. The neater and more organized your workspace is, the more productive and effective it will be for you. 

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