Interview with Deewarist

Interview with Deewarist

Interview with Deewarist

How did it all start?

It all began in 2012 when me and my partner Jaidev Rupani stumbled across decals as a home decoration option. The designs came across as too generic and didn’t cater to Indian needs. Also, unlike abroad, in India these were still depicted as something which comes under architect/interior decorator domain and not as a fun/DIY element. We set out to cater to this area at a shoe string budget.



Do you think the focus on having a 'beautiful space' (home or office) has increased in the last decade? Or do you think it's been the same always?

Home & office decoration has always been an important aspect of new purchases/renovation. However, the new trends that we have noticed now is that men are equally involved these days with their partners when it comes to home decoration, and it’s not a women centric purchase anymore. In fact, can you believe 95% of our sales and enquiries on the website come from Men?



When clients approach you for customised designs, what are some of the key things they ask you for or demand?

The client requirements vary from sizes to color combinations basis their wall format. We also receive requests for customized designs around their name. Sometimes we also receive requests to create an entire theme for the walls (eg: The Kurukshetra War from Mahabharata). Since these are DIYs, we focus on designs that are appealing to look at and at the same time easy to apply even by first time users.



Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

As far as inspiration is concerned, our country is a culturally rich society where the landscapes and beliefs change after every 100 Kms! So, there is a lot for us to choose from! For us, the idea is to keep the designs simple while focusing on their placement and how they contribute to the environment. The same helps since these are DIY. So, you see designs for Pooja Rooms (Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna), Bedrooms (Love-birds, Chess Board King & Queen), Living Room (Buddha, Family Tree), Switchboards (kittens/puppies popping out) all adding to the intended look & without cramping up for space (These are just .5 mm in thickness).

Hence, we give priority to implementation over design. A design might be good but if it’s difficult to implement, you won’t find it on the website.



What kind of trends do you foresee in the interiors industry in the next few years?

Consumers today are ready to experiment with the look of their homes than ever before. The decor is moving from functional use to adding to the vibrancy of the place. This trend will only continue in future with the cost of production and marketing coming down (thanks to the Internet). As it stands for any other industry, the prize will be taken up by those who keep innovating in the sector as the cost of discovery keeps coming down with advancement of technology.



What is the USP of Deewarist?

We basically started off with Decals, which are mainly a European concept but they work very differently for India with users looking for various colors (compared to black as the favoured color internationally) & local flavour and we try to cater to these requirements. Now, we are trying to bring in this local flavour through our other product offerings which go on the wall such as Wall clocks, Canvas prints and Arts & crafts.

The first test our designs need to pass is, if this is something that we would like to have at our place!

Secondly, since we hardly agree upon any designs; we rely more on the senses of users to find the right designs! We constantly receive feedback from our friends/followers both online (Facebook) & off-line (exhibitons, events). The designs that strike a chord with our users find their way on to our website thus, making it a mainly crowdsourced process.



About Deewarist:

The founders Dipti Pathak and Jaidev Rupani know each other since their post graduation days. (10 Years)

Dipti Pathak has work experience of 6 years in Public Relations while Jaidev Rupani is a Digital Marketing enthusiast with an Experience of 7 years.

For Deewarist, though they set off with the design aspect and discovery being taken care of by Dipti, while Jaidev took care of the Marketing and Business Development. Today they follow very flexible roles in order to overcome the startup challenges and ensure smooth functioning of the processes 

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