Infusing Bling In Your Home

Infusing Bling In Your Home

Infusing Bling In Your Home

Contemporary home décor has become really flexible. Conventional interior decoration rules don’t apply anymore, and specialists from the industry as well as home enthusiasts these days are up for experiments. Everyone wants to try something new and unique, to get a result that’s out-of-the-box and appealing at the same time.


A recent trend that has crept in quite smoothly into our décor tastes and preferences is that of bling. Think of glitter, shimmer, sparkle and shine, and it can all be included in your home décor quite easily, without overpowering the rest of the décor elements in the space and without looking tacky or gaudy.


Here’s how you can infuse some bling in your homes in simple and easy ways:

 1. Bling Decorative Props

Table props or other decorative elements, such as candle holders, photo frames, glasses, tissue boxes, plant holders etc. with a little amount of glitter and bling add a lot of sophistication and class to your décor. You can vary the amount of glitter and shimmer as per your tastes and preferences. The best part is that some of these things can be done at home by upcycling old items in simple DIY projects.


2. Bling Wall Art

Go for paintings or pop wall art with a little bit of glitter or metallic touch in them. You can also go for metallic mirror frames, or those studded with pearls or diamonds etc. to add more bling. There are also glitter wall lights and other wall fixings that can be used to infuse bling in your décor.


3. Bling In Upholstery and Furniture

A very interesting way of including bling in your home décor is to opt for furnishings or upholstery with sequins, beads, pearls etc. Again, the amount of bling you want to go in for will vary, depending on your décor theme and tastes and preferences. However, simple things like a small edge of sequins on a curtain, or sequined cushions on a sofa etc. don’t overpower the other elements and also look classy at the same time.



4. Bold Bling

For those of you who feel that there is never enough bling in your homes or life, opt for statement pieces, such as full metallic or sequin chairs and sofas, or complete walls with metallic work. These are slightly overpowering elements, so you need to make sure that there is understated charm in the rest of your room.


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