How to Increase Appliances' Life

How to Increase Appliances' Life

How to Increase Appliances' Life

Modern day lifestyle is extremely dependent on technology. There is a technological solution and alternative to most manual tasks that people used to indulge in earlier. Clothes can now be washed with washing machines, utensils can be washed with dishwashers, dust can be removed with vacuum cleaners, and even your hair can be dried and styled with hair dryers!


Needless to say, the story doesn’t end at just buying these appliances for your comfort. It is vital to take care of them and maintain them in order to get their maximum utility and performance and save them from getting damaged or faulty.


Here’s how you can increase the life of your appliances on a daily basis:


1. By Keeping Them Clean

Dust accumulation is one of the major reasons for your appliances to stop functioning properly and face an early death. The dust enters the small and tiny parts of the appliances and causes them to stop functioning smoothly. Luckily, these days you can find plastic or cloth covers for almost every appliance. Make use of these covers to avoid exposing your appliances to dust and let them be clean at all times. This way, you also save a lot of money on servicing them again and again.


2. By Keeping Them Dry

Make it a point to keep your appliances away from water at all times. In cases of washing machines, mixers, juicers etc., let them be open for sometime after you are done using them in order to avoid storing the dampness. That not only helps to prevent electric shocks, but also saves the hassle of parts getting rusted or damaged.


3. By Getting Regular Service Checks

For all major white goods and appliances, it is advisable to get regular service checks done. If the products are under warranty, then chances are that you will be able to get these checks for free. So why not make use of the free services to get your products check every now and then and ensure their long life?


4. By Unplugging, When Not In Use

Voltage fluctuations, unsafe wiring, over charging etc. are some of the reasons for appliances to go bad. It’s always safe to unplug the appliances when they are not in use. It’s like giving the appliances their much needed ‘rest time’ so that they perform well when you need them to.


5. Sign Up For Extended Warranty

One easy way to extend the life span of your appliances is to sign up for extended warranty over and above the one that you already get while purchasing the product. That’s because when it stops working because of some fault or defect after the warranty is over, it is always easier to get it serviced or repair or replace a small part of it rather than buying a new appliance altogether. And these part replacements and repairs are only possible from authorized service centers when you have the product warranty extended.


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