Things To Look For When Moving Into A New House

Things To Look For When Moving Into A New House

Things To Look For When Moving Into A New House

Whether your previous apartment lease is about to get over and you need to rent a new place, or you are finally thinking of buying your own home, shifting into a new home can be quite a hassle. At first, people think of the ‘budget’ that they have, and then also give some priority to the ‘space’ in the house. However, as you start your house hunting process, you will realize that there are a lot of other things as well that you need to look for or keep in mind when moving into a new house.


Ask yourself these below mentioned questions to ensure that you don’t regret your decision later.


1. Is the approach road good?

Approach road is the main lane or the adjoining lanes that lead to your house. Do you have to cross open sewage pipes or a polluted industrial area to reach your home? Or is it a clean residential society or colony with a proper entrance gate? Approach roads not only give a person (say, for instance, a guest that you have invited) a vibe about your house, but also talk a lot about safety. If it’s a busy area, then while you may have to deal with traffic sounds even late in the night, you at least know you are safe as against a secluded house in a far away place near a mill or factory where only few people live.


2. Is it close to facilities?

Is the house close to shopping malls, schools, hospitals, recreational places etc.? And even if it is slightly away from them, how good is the connectivity with the local trains, trams, taxis etc.? Your new house won’t be a good deal when it’s costing you a lot on your travel for every small thing.


3. Is the construction of the house good?

You have to look at various things here. First and foremost, the builder who has made your home or apartment complex should be a reputed one, so you are sure of the quality. Secondly, is the floor plan good? Many people make the mistake of rejecting a home just because of bad interiors or maintenance state. However, if the floor plan and the basic architecture is good, then you can always change the interiors around to suit your tastes and preferences. So look for homes that give you the space and floor plan that you need.


4. Does it have storage space?

This, of course, depends a lot on how you do your interiors and the kind of space utilization you indulge in. However, if there is an extra storeroom, or extra large walls to accommodate cupboards till the ceiling, then that’s always an added advantage for extra storage.


5. Does it give a long-term homely vibe?

You may probably not live in that house for more than two years, but the vibe of the home should be such that it makes you feel like living there forever. It should have the quality and the appeal value of a ‘home’ that you’d like to keep forever, and only then would you feel like moving in there. If you feel you are making a compromise for a short-term period on some aspects, then the house is probably not meant for you and you should look for something else.


6. Safety At Night

While safety and connectivity and accessibility have been mentioned earlier as well, a special bonus point for safety at night is also needed. This is because while most homes will have a good approach road and good connectivity during the day, they would fail to have the same at night. So before buying a home, make sure you check the interiors and exteriors both during day as well as night, to ensure all-hour safety and convenience.


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