The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Living Rooms

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Living Rooms

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Living Rooms



Gold interiors  for the living room/drawing room  is like bread and butter. A classic combination since, every other home that one visits, has either this color in abundance or at least an artifact lurking somewhere.  Most of us have something in this color for the room that is the formal introduction to our homes. Even the slightest touch of gold either in the  upholstery or the furniture etc. spells glam and sophistication.

Designers at suggest how you can  add a unique touch of gold in your living/drawing room.  In  the second series of THE MIDAS TOUCH browse through ideas and inspirations of how to bring gold into your living room ..





Adding gold accents to your interiors has become so much easier with the markets flooded with several lighting options. But since it’s the living/drawing room the chandelier has to have the pride of place. A major fixture like a chandelier,  sets or re-affirms  the mood or décor style for the room. A golden colored chandelier like the one above is a contemporary design in gold which is offset by the neutral colored upholstery. At  we suggest if golden colored chandeliers are your thing!! then consider either laying off any other gold accessory or vary the tone at least. 




Floor lamps  have now achieved a cult status with their contemporary designs and classy appeal. At we recommend the in-trend tripod lamps in gold. Pedestal floor lamps give a light feel to the room and if its in gold…then its definitely a cosmopolitan look . Adding  a gold touch to your interiors should feel like you are making a statement and with floor lamps like the ones definitely are!   




While on the subject of bringing gold in your interiors , how can we overlook  the most favourite and  important accessory people tend to turn -  table lamps. There is absolutely no dearth of table lamps available …flea markets, antique stores and upmarket boutiques… take your pick. Antique gold finishes on venetian inspired designer lamps are a perennial favourite. Designer Tip: Gold table lamps  with black lamp shades are a classy look…. But whatever be your choice of color make sure that with gold bases the shades are not too fussy in design.



In our previous series of THE MIDAS TOUCH: we mentioned how to bring the add gold in your bedroom interiors. While we mentioned wallpapers there also(what can one do..its so versatile!) ..might we add,  that since living room spaces are ordinarily more bigger than our bedrooms, choices in wallpapers become more bold .  

Expert tip: Treat your accent  wall with a gorgeous gold printed wallpaper ( in the pic above its CHINOISERIE) but avoid placing bulky furniture items in front.  While trellis, and graphic patters are very modern in design, damask wallpapers are definitely all-rounders since they can carry a Victorian or a very contemporary theme easily.  If you are going in for textured wallpaper a bright gold colour is recommended.





Designer mirrors are all the rage right now. From large to small, mirrors are being used for aesthetic and practical (read opening up small spaces)purposes. Gold framed mirrors instantly become an artwork ( above pic), or you could go for a more intricate frame for a more traditional look. Expert tip: if the mirror is beveled and cut into shapes then opt for a simpler gold frame for a glam but clean look.  Also a slightly distressed gold frame gives the mirror more character.






Coffee tables , centre tables, side tables….they aren’t  just functional elements anymore. What you place on top of them is as much about aesthetics as the table itself. Table bases in various designs and materials are now increasingly turning glam with various finishes and tones in gold. There are a lot of DIY options also available with homeowners  turning to cans of spray paints in gold , to transform their old coffee tables into a glam new avatar. 




 There is a noticeable trend towards more lighter and chic looking furniture . Bringing gold into your living room can be achieved with a single designer  sofa or chair in gold. While many relate gold colored  furniture with the “palace “ or “museum “ look, contemporary sofas and chairs have this color in measured doses  . Accent pieces in gold are a wonderful way of adding that touch of gold to your interiors .




For those who like and understand art, paintings with hints of gold or gold in bold, either is a good idea but keeping in mind your taste. The contemporary art scene is flooded with popular art i.e artwork which is thematic and can be co-ordinated with your décor. Bringing gold in your  living room interiors with  Feng-shui paintings is a fairly good idea,  since mostly they  do have gold  and work well when accentuated with accessories in gold in the living room.

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