The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Bedrooms

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Bedrooms

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Bedrooms


We indians love our GOLD… this glossy yellow metal spells grandeur and opulence and glam..…and so it was very natural for palaces of yesteryear to be gilded from top to bottom with this precious metal.  This love affair between  interiors and gold continues to this date but since gilding or gold leafing is out of bounds for most of us ….contemporary décor now features this metal in a variety  of textures, tones and colors in textiles,  paints and accessories  to suit every taste and budget.

Our experts at Makenlive have compiled a few suggestions in the series aptly titled -  “ THE MIDAS TOUCH” . First in this series we explore ways to up the glam quotient of your bedroom with ideas that  are trendy and  easy to adapt .



  1. Touch of gold on walls:

Wallpaper is trending right now and metallic shades are finding many takers. The reason is not hard to understand… gold tinted wallpaper is the straight ticket to luxe interiors for your bedroom. A lot of furnishing companies are now providing a comprehensive look with    co-ordinated furnishings and wallpaper designs . Designers at makenlive recommend designing the look of your bedroom around the wallpaper that you select to avoid chaos . Expert tip: Applying wallpaper to the wall that receives maximum light ensures that the whole room is aglow up with the sheen reflected of the wall.



  1.  Dip your room in gold:

 While a few years back,  the trend of painting one wall in a single bright accent colour had gained popularity, it was only time before metallic shades found a favour with designers . Gold paints are available in variety of matte and glossy tones and also textures. But if you are vary of waking up to a bedroom and feeling like you are in a gold vault!! Don’t worry ‘coz gold and white stripes in a horizontal, vertical or chevron pattern are very modern in design and a perfect way to introduce gold in measured doses. Designer tip: Stenciling your walls with gold paint , or murals is a very DIY thing and you can personalize your walls with whatever design you fancy!



  1. Upholstery ups your bedroom’s GQ( Glam quotient that is!!)

We at give a thumbsup …on second thought make that two thumbsup!!  to the upholstered headboard trend. On top of that if it’s gold ….it is divine. Designers at makenlive collectively chose  the champagne gold hue in upholstery fabric as their favourite. Curtains with gold motifs in damask or morrocan designs is an eye catching option. Designer tip : try a gold geometric pattern on neutral color  fabric for your chaise or wingback chairs in your bedroom.



  1. Furniture accents :

A designer bedside table in gold or an antique gold headboard , a Victorian dresser or a simple ottoman with wooden gold legs… these furniture accents make a big impact. These key pieces can actually set the theme for the bedroom. While the yellow metallic tone gives a very Victorian feel, the copper toned gold is definitely contemporary. Experts at makenlive suggest tying the tone and style of these accents to atleast one other key décor item to tie the look together.



  1.  Accessorize  your  Bedroom with gold accents :

The most versatile and easiest way to add that gold touch in your boudoir is to accessorize with sequined or printed cushions, blingy photoframes or luxe bedspreads and lamps. Or for the simplest touch take your favourite photo and have it framed in a simple gold frame with a white mat. Bonus points if that pic is black and white!!. Our experts at recommend that you follow the less is more diktat when it comes to bedding. Gold motifs on a neutral shade of fabric will look much better than a bright yellow gold toned bedcover. Even if the current color code in your bedroom is any other color, pair up some gold cushions with gold bedside table lamps. Designer tip: On a solid colored raw silk bedspread, pair up some gold cushions in geometric prints and paisley patterns….instant upgrade is what you have !!

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