Seating ideas for your bedroom

Seating ideas for your bedroom

Seating ideas for your bedroom

Seating ideas for your bedroom

What are the chances that you walk into your bedroom and its not just to take a nap? Most of us use our sleeping space for TV Viewing , as dressing rooms, reading areas, play spaces for kids, or even as a space to entertain guests. The best way to decide on what kind of seating (apart from your bed ) is suitable for your bedroom, find out what you want to get accomplished in here.    Our experts at have compiled a few tips to get you started.


  1. 1.     Determine the available space: First and foremost, ALLWAYS find out how much space you can spare for your seating and where. Be realistic, because  while  you may be lusting for that cute loveseat or , leather chaise lounger you saw in the showroom, your 2BHK  might not be very welcoming. !! Expert tip: Mark out the space for your bed first, and then plan what you can fit in what’s leftover.


  1. 2.     Mind the feng Shui: Feng Shui for bedrooms states that your Bed should never be facing the door and  should also not be placed under windows.  If you believe in feng shui, then it will certainly help you to decide where your seating can go.


  1. 3.     Functional seating: If you are lucky to have an acre for a bedroom , then storage might not be your priority!! But for those who have a limited space to fit all their needs, look out for furniture which is stylish and has concealed storage options. Like centre tables where the top flips open, or sofas with drawers at the base. Makenlive loves the idea, of having seating by the window with drawers at the bottom, to store your books or linen. Just place some cushions on top and voila!!- a cozy reading corner.


  1. 4.      Don’t upstage the bed: Remember the bedroom is still essentially your resting space.  The seating either through color, design or material  should not overwhelm your bed. A light delicate wrought iron bed will have a problem adjusting with heavy carved wooden furniture, or loud upholstery!! Aim for a cohesive look, which in turn will translate into a peaceful space.

Browse though some of the  seating options below to get inspired..


Love Seat Couch: The name as it signifies means seating for two. While the dimensions can actually differ from comfortable seating for two , to seating for five, this is the most common and versatile seating, perfect for a couple sharing a bedroom. If you have kids seldom visiting your bedroom for sleeping or TV viewing, consider a sofa cum bed.


Rocking chairs: Grandpa’s iconic rocking chair has undergone a facelift and boy!! Are we drooling over them. One look and you want to sink i . If you crave a personal space or a reading corner, this should top your list. Just imagine a single rocking chair, a floor lamp and a stack of books on a small stool nearby…!!

Ottoman: There are a hundred excuses to pick up this piece just as there are various designs. This piece can function as an end of the bed seat to house your linen , to sit upon while wearing your shoes, a seat for your dressing table , a centre table and of course as a seat itself.Makenlive recommends it as end of the bed storage , for those who have cushions galore but no space to store them at night, or to stash away your blankets  during the day!!


Wing back chairs:  While we do agree that this is what you are more likely to see in living rooms, or formal seating areas, a single wing back upholstered in a baroque pattern can easily update your bedroom’s status to classy. Simply said, these are statement pieces!! Two of these in a corner by the window and a small coffee table spells romance!!

Chaise Lounges: Please…if style is your second name, don’t give this a miss..For those who can spare space for a separate seating area in their bedrooms, this piece of furniture is the ultimate in luxury. While these can work equally well with a set of two chairs and a centre table, it works best alone.. Better still try and place it at the end of your bed….

Whatever you choose, make sure comfort is the driving factor behind your choice of seating, for your bedroom. Remember to keep the look light since this is a place for relaxing and sleeping.


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Avantika Nikhanj 

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