According to Taste

According to Taste

According to Taste

A home is a reflection of its owner’s personality. This home speaks volumes about its owner’s eclectic tastes in both art and interior décor.  Makenlive likes the earthy and eclectic feel that is created with a  careful blend of both store-bought furniture and  family heirlooms, an eye for art and  as well as quirky artifacts. This is truly a house designed according to its owner’s taste.



The landing on the stairs sets the tone for what lies within. The bright artwork is offset by the rustic looking stonework tiles. likes how the simple lines of the furniture and neutral furnishings put the artwork in focus. Expert tip: Find that one design element which makes an impact and then create the rest of the look around it.

The living room is light and airy with a relaxed feel. The highlight of the room is the inbuilt aquarium which is visible from the dining room also.( Makenlive recommends: while installing inbuilt aquariums get a professional opinion on the load bearing capacity tof the wall and ensure an adequate overhead storage tank )The rustic look which is brought about by the stonework tiles ,  is in fact the décor ideology for the entire house. Keeping the furniture simple and upholstery bright , is a good balancing act. The sofas in fact are family heirlooms proving that clean straight lines always have a timeless appeal. With two young kids, the couple ensured that room is easy to maintain and comfortable without being pretentious.

The living room opens out to the balcony which is more like a private garden retreat.  The huge glass doors slide open to let fresh air , sunlight and the outdoors in.   A breakfast nook by day, coffee hangout for friends in the evening , and a cozy dinner space for the family  at night (right)- the covered balcony provides a lot of options. recommends – as seen here,  placing plants at varying heights provide privacy and a lush look.

Big windows are nowadays not only a design fad but a practical necessity. Both the master bedroom (left) and the kids room (right) have ample amount of sunlight throughout the day. loves the pastel colored little trunks by the doo , are trendy and practical for storage purposes. The subtle hued artwork gives a restful feel to the boudoir, while the sheer curtains don’t interfere with the views outside.


The couple’s two daughters have matching beds and study desks,  custom made for them . The sheer canopy style pink curtains , add a touch of whimsy. Makenlive loves how the dark laminate flooring,  contrasts well with the light look of the floating study desks and bed linen, making the room look big and bright. Expert tip: Go for contrast while pairing your furniture and upholstery, with your flooring to achieve a balanced look. loves the light and fuss-free look of the bathroom. The dark wooden cabinetry has clean simple lines and the light marble flooring is repeated in the vanity, giving the whole area a very cohesive lookA glass shower enclosure doesn’t block the much needed light and keeps the wet and dry areas separate . Expert tip: Keeping your bathroom uncluttered  makes it look bigger and if you can , do bring in a bit of greenery inside to give it a fresh feel.

The formal seating area has a very chic understated look brought together by the neutral palette of the furnishing , teamed with bright pops of color. The artwork from a regional artist finds an echo in the bright cushions, while the hanging Moroccan lights lend an eclectic look. Since the walls are regularly updated with the couple’s collection of paintings, the neutral palette of the furnishings and the sheer curtains ensure that the art is always the hero. 

Throughout the house , quirky artifacts surely grab eyeballs. Like the cute “ethnic cow” statue or the funky reindeer head on the wall- there is never a dearth for conversation starters. Picked up by the couple while on travel , from big branded shops or non-descript stalls, they reflect the relaxed  fun-loving nature of the couple . Expert tip:  Even while getting  your home professionally styled, make sure that your accessories bear your personal touch.

Written and Photographed by:

Avantika Nikhanj

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