Bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outdoors in

With high rises mushrooming everywhere over the green landscape, busy hectic schedules leaving no time for a stroll in the neighbouring park and real estate prices squeezing the square foot in your apartment…bringing the outdoors in with a complete overhaul  or small touches can liven up your interiors and lighten your mood . For the fortunate ones with their own private green, it makes sense to have wide open windows or glass walls to let nature become a part of their interior décor… but there are so many other ways also to give your interiors a healthy dose of nature:

1. Open plan design:

  If you are thinking of constructing a new house or are have already started on one, chances are your architect must have shown you some open plan designs with huge glass windows or even just a huge glass wall. This design trend has become a staple requisite with homeowners wanting to  “live amongst nature”.  With view open to gardens or pools, homes are now becoming more like private retreats. If you already have an apartment or home sans any glass walls, or windows find out your options in getting a wall completely or partially knocked out . the views outside might well be worth all the trouble.


2. Organic materials : 

What you thought was outdoorsy is now in…. wicker or cane furniture and jute lampshades or even rugs, have an earthy appeal. But don’t push out your plush sofa from your formal seating area just yet. Cane or jute gives a more earthy and tropical look , so how about that  corner in your bedroom by the window, or your breakfast nook in the kitchen. Go for sleek designs rather than the bulkier ones  and try to keep the color close to natural .

Expert tip : Try a single lounger with white cushions,  a floor lamp and a shaggy  rug in shades of green for your reading corner.


3. Plant power:

Now just above we said don’t push out the sofa …because while a complete overhauling of your furniture may  burn a hole in your pocket…adding a few plants indoors is cheap and adds a big  dose  of color and freshness to your interiors. While  palms are a good idea to liven up your living room corners with their impressive height , potted plants can liven up stark office spaces too. The newest rage in indoor gardening options is terrariums. Small succulents or leafy plants inside glass vases or orbs, or even in aquariums are catching the fancy of homemakers. Makenlive also  salutes the enterprising homemakers who are giving vertical gardening a space in their homes.


4. Natural motifs on fabric:


Cushions with butterfly or flowery motifs are a cost effective way to get a more natural feel in your  home. Bed linens with nature inspired digital prints are available in every price range and so are curtains. But it can be easy to go overboard with very loud prints , so aim for a subtle look especially on bedcovers and upholstery . Leave the big prints for a cushion or two. 

Expert tip:  go for pastel or white colored fabrics with colourful prints, they look chic and give a relaxed feel.


5. Go trendy with the colors of 2015..



Stripes,  3d digital prints, geometrical shapes,paisleys  or even solid hues… go in for any of these options on your walls, upholstery or even floors with the colors of nature. While greens and blues are the toast of this year,  candy colors and pastels are also still doing their rounds. Go for a light themed wallpaper with brightly colored accents or a bold carpet to make a statement. We at makenlive are especially loving the wallpaper options available with both domestic and international brands in these colors. 




6. Bringing a water feature in…

The sound of  water gurgling brings  a sense of tranquility and in the right location is good feng shui too. A small  re-circulating water feature is easy to install either at the entrance , in the lobby, or a corner of your living room or even terrace. While  table top Buddha fountains are common and very reasonable too, but don’t limit yourself too these options only. Pre-fabricated water falls, wall fountains or small stone carved mughal fountains are also selling like hot cakes. If you are getting a custom made indoor water feature then make sure issues like load bearing capacity of the  floor , water seepage and regular maintenance issues are all worked out..


By: Avantika Nikhanj 

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