ALL ABOUT PAINTS-Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Paints

ALL ABOUT PAINTS-Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Paints

ALL ABOUT PAINTS-Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Paints

Do you feel that the walls of your home appear quite monotonous and even uninviting? If you wish to paint the wall in your home, but you are puzzled as to what kind of paint might go well with the wall, so given below are some vital points regarding these paints; which can help you to pick the best between the 2 most typically chosen paints i.e., oil bound distemper and plastic paints.

Oil Bound Distemper

If you wish to beautify your own home with premium quality paint and finish. Oil bound distemper is the correct option, since it is supplied with a range of shades and also offers smooth matt finish on the walls. It is environment-friendly paint, and even does not have hazardous elements. 

Where can you use oil bound distemper? 

It may be used on plaster and even brick walls. It is helpful in decorating the wall and ceilings. The paint is perfect for interiors use only.

Advantages of oil bound distemper

1. Easy to use, with a variety of shades.

2. Durable and affordable, that provides a sleek matt finish.

3. Dry rapidly, touch dry within four hours.

4. Non-flammable, Eco friendly since it is lead free and includes absolutely no petrochemical dependent components.


It is not washable, and steadily emerges out when moist.   

Plastic Paint

Plastic emulsion paint is a water based paint, which provides it a very soft appearanceIt is durable, washable and even convenient tomaintain. It happens to be dependent on acrylic and even offers a delicate matte finish to the wall. All these paints are likewise washable and even convenient to sustain just like premium emulsions. It is very reliable.

The benefits of plastic emulsion paints:

  1. It may be used on cement as well as stucco walls.
  2. It is ornamental paint and is simple to use, excessive protecting potential with breathing features.


A minimum of three hours is required to shade between the 1st and 2nd coating. 

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