What flooring works best with which room

What flooring works best with which room

What flooring works best with which room

Looking at the options available in the market today, you might have wondered what type of floor surface will be most effective for you?

There are options that one can look from aesthetics perspective or from ease of installation and availability perspectice or simply from maintainability and durability perspective. Of course, cost will remain one major criteria to arrive at the decision.

When you plan to change your house flooring, it would be good to think of all the material choices that are available. This is important because “one size fits all”does not work well in flooring.

Many people preferexpensivecarpets (Kashmiri carpets continue to rule this space) in their bedroomsand their living room areas. Compared to hardwood, tiles or stone, carpeting can be a good option because most of the other optionslack the “rich” and warm feel and the cushioning that carpeting usually offers.

Due to excessive traffic and the type of usae and also because of the potential to draw-in dust, entryways, lobbies and areas like the kitchen and restroom perform best with stones, ceramic tiles or hard wood.

Readily available options are not the only options. It could be a good idea to check out some eclectic elements as well, for example, metallic floor surfaces or leather-based flooring.

Probably, because of the usage, the most essential point to ponder in case of floorings will always be the maintenance and the longevity. In a house with kids or for those who have domestic pets, it is difficult to keep carpeting thoroughly clean.In such cases, laminates, acrylic or vinyl flooring, stone flooring or even wooden flooringcan be considered as good alternatives.

The choices of material and the options available with each of the category today are numerous. The upfront cost of flooring and installation is vital but you durability and maintainence should be given enough priority in making the decision.

So, please share your flooring ideas and your experiences of using different material in different rooms - laundry room, basements, terrace etc. with us.

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