Thumb Rules-Construction

Thumb Rules-Construction

Thumb Rules-Construction

I recently made a house for myself - oh it was not an easy task. Getting land and managing finances was one of the most challenging tasks but getting the entire construction done seemed Herculean effort for someone not initiated or new to this industry. 

I will like to share some interesting thumb rules that are useful when construction is in progress -


  • One bag of cement is approximately 50 kg in weight
  • One truck of Ready Mix Concrete contains approximately 7 cubic meters of concrete mix
  • 1 cubic meter = 35.3 cubic ft (Though it is a simple calculation, it comes in handy - 1 meter = 3.28 ft and 1m= 35.3 ft3)
  • Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) has grades defined for strength e.g. M20 or M25. M20 means that the compressive strength of RMC is 20 N/ mm2.



  • If proper curing (watering the walls/ rafts/ plasterwork) is done, 70% of the strengh is achieved within 7 days. For RMC, Cube tests are recommended wherein 70% strength should be achieved in 7 days of casting and 100% strength is achieved in 28 days of casting the raft or the slab. 



Well, this is a small list and there must be 100 more thumb rules that are used by people in the trade. I thought this could be a good place to put it down and others can then add to this list which will be useful for anyone getting into construction.

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