New House Buying Checklist

New House Buying Checklist

New House Buying Checklist



  • Location- connectivity to Main road/office/major entertainment places
  • Are there any Hospital/temples/Malls etc nearby?
  • Are amenities available like swimming pool/Gym/grocery store /club house/play courts/kids Park etc?
  • Check for existing degree of development also knows the scope for further development in that area.
  • Make sure there is no nearby factories/ railway tracks etc.
  • If your work requires more travelling then ensure the house has easy accessible to airport/railway station with minimum traffic and distance.



  • Main Entrance to be in North/East/North East
  • Kitchen in South east corner
  • Toilets/bathrooms in north west
  • Kids room in  north east or north west
  • Master Bedroom should be in south west
  • Pooja room – North east or centre – room should face east.
  • Drawing room- no particular preferences
  • Dining area anywhere is fine
  • North east and south west toilet should be avoided
  • Staircase should not be in North side
  • Sump to be in north east




  • Title Deed
  • Property tax paid receipts
  • Govt. approved building plan
  • Commencement  certificate from Municipal corporation
  • Completion certificate from Municipal if building is complete
  • Sale agreement
  • Agreement of construction
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • No Objection certificate in case of more no. of owners for the property
  • Occupation certificate issued by Municipal to ensure electrical/water supply / sewage connections are legally done.
  • Torrence plan – issued by licensed surveyors on property measurement
  • After sorting out all financial/legal documents  SALE DEED/AGREEMENT  to be done
  • Finally Property registration at Sub registrar



  • Measure size of the rooms available as per the agreement
  • Is all modification/Upgradation opted been executed
  • Quality checks: Check for visible
    • wall cracks & dampness
    • undulation in wall plastering
    • Uniform Paint finish
    • Undulations in floor tiles laid
    • Proper filling of tile joints
    • Shade variations in tile
    • Proper slope is given in all toilets & bathrooms
    • Any cracked tiles/ scratch marks
    • Tap and see if any hollowness behind tiles
    • All chajjas above neatly finished and painted.
    • gaps between door frame and wall. Push the frame to see it is anchored firmly
    • hinge fitting; ensure there are screws in each of the screw ports
    • door catcher/ stopper for proper functioning
    • door knobs & locks for smooth closure & functioning
    • Check for all working light points and switches
    • All switch plates fixed are horizontal and not tilted
    • Switch plates should be free from paint marks
    • All sanitary wares are free from scratch/crack
    • Kitchen sink should not have leaks and make sure bottle traps are fixed properly.
    • Check the chrome fittings for any corrosion
    • Check all taps for any leakages and ensure fitted tightly
    • Check for clogs in drains
    • Check aluminum windows alignment, doors open and closes smoothly, shutters locks are proper. Door and windows has drain holes, Glass is fixed properly with beading. 

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