Civil Engineering Tips for construction of house

Civil Engineering Tips for construction of house

Civil Engineering Tips for construction of house

Self-Constructing or Constructing through a ContractorContractor and Excavation Tips


1). Finalise the Rate of Construction with the Contractor at the onset. It can be settled either on Labour Rates or on With Material Basis. It is better to settle the rates as per Labour Rates provided you can yourself manage supply of good quality materials at competive rates.

2). Always get Quotes for 2-3 contractors and try to enter into a Descriptive Contract right at the beginning.

3).  Arrange to make a Jhuggi or Temporary Shed for the Chawkidar & for safely keeping the Construction Materials . You could make this using bricks with mud mortar. It could be approx 8’ x 10’ size or more. Use 10’ x 3’ Tin sheets - 4 sheets are sufficient to cover the shed. A toilet for chawkidar  & labour should be constructed separately.

4). For storage of water, either  a tank should be constructed by masonary work or polyethylene, polypropylene tanks shold be arranged for.

5).    Arrange for a Water connection & Electric temporary connection immediately for site. This can be applied for by writing to the Electricity Department and the Jal Board in your locality. 

Digging of Basement & Foundation

1). Instead of manual labour, JCB earth excavation machines are used for cheaper & for expediting the work. Charges vary from Rs.750/-per 100 cft. to Rs.1000/-per 100 cft . for excavation  & cartage of earth by trucks.

2). Check correctness of layout plan before you start your work

3). Permanent benchmark is constructed with its RL marked on it, taking zero RL of front road.

4). Reference pillars are made in brick work for all centre lines of walls or columns.

5).Once earth work reaches close to its final bottom level, be cautious to see that excess excavation is prevented.

6). If excess excavation does happen by mistake, then the same should be filled by lean concrete as specified by structural consultant. It shall never be filled with earth.

7). If excavation is done by JCB, leave bottom 300mm for manual excavation.

8). During excavation take care of existing Underground Electrical and Telephone Cables, Sewer Lines, Water Lines, Gas Pipe Lines etc.

9).After final digging of earth, Anti-Termite Process should be taken up by experts. This should be got done very attentively & in personal supervision. If not properly done, it results in permanent headache & expenses for all times to come.


    • Avatar
      Lillian Moore
      Jul 1, 2016

      I like the suggestion to get 2-3 quotes from contractors. They will help you build the home and but in the proper building methods. They also understand the importance of civil engineering when building a home. Trust that they know how to build the home safely and efficiently.

    • Avatar
      Dave Anderson
      May 4, 2017

      My wife and I are planning on building a house but we are not sure where to start and who to hire. I appreciate all of the different tips about how to hire a contractor, set the rates, and start the process of building the house. Like you mentioned, it is important to get bids from multiple different contractors according to the plans that you have in mind. So in that case, It would be important to start with an architect so make the plans before going to a contractor and then going to a civil engineer to make sure that the land and designs are okay to build on.

    • Avatar
      Violette Lebrac
      Sep 8, 2017

      It's interesting that spaces made by too much excavation should be filled with lean concrete instead of dirt. My husband and I want to have a septic tank installed, but we're worried about problems that might be caused by the digging. Maybe we should hire an engineering contractor who will know what to do in case there are problems during the excavation.

    • Avatar
      Ivy Baker
      Sep 16, 2017

      I liked that you talked about how you need to think about where you are going to be putting a water tank. It does seem like a good idea to do what you suggested and talk to a professional engineer about that. If I was planning on building something like a neighborhood block I would want to have a really good plan for the construction.

    • Avatar
      Larry Weaver
      Sep 23, 2017

      Thanks for the tip to get Anti-Termite process taken up by experts after the final digging. My brother is looking to get a house constructed, so I'll remind him to get the Anti-Termite process taken care of properly. He wants to get the best civil engineering he can on constructing his house.

    • Avatar
      Abiola David
      Sep 25, 2017

      Nice tips. I learnt more as an engineering contractor who wants to learn more.

    • Avatar
      Hannah Schroeder
      Oct 17, 2017

      You mentioned that you should be careful of existing electrical cables and sewer lines when you're excavating. My husband and I want to install a below-ground pool in the yard of our new house. Maybe we should hire a civil engineering service to make sure that we're not hitting any sewer lines or important cables when we dig the hole for the pool.

    • Avatar
      Kayla Rogers
      Nov 9, 2017

      My dad has a new construction project. He's now looking up some heavy equipment for excavation. My uncle shared this article with him to first finalize the contractors and give him some tips for excavation.

    • Avatar
      Michael Robinson
      Nov 17, 2017

      I appreciate you helping me understand more about hiring a contractor and what to look for when he is finalizing the home. Just like you said about the finalization process, you should always get quotes from 2-3 contractors and try to enter into a Descriptive Contract right from the beginning. We have been thinking about building a home and had no idea that we needed to consult a couple of different contractors to make sure that we have it all right. Thanks again for the information!

    • Avatar
      Faizan Gul
      Jan 21, 2018

      Great and Best tips Thnks

    • Avatar
      Amanda Drew
      May 3, 2018

      I like your suggestion to get two or three quotes from contractors before you get started on the project. It seems like a civil engineer would probably be able to know that many contractors who could be a good fit for your project. They'd probably also be able to know a lot of other people who could also help you with the project. It may be a good idea to get a civil engineer who could help you out.

    • Avatar
      May 6, 2018

      Starting a home construction is always a difficult task. We need to finalize many things including the man, material and machines. Your tips help in a great extent. Thank you for the guidance.

    • Avatar
      Khaled Syfullah
      Jun 1, 2018

      There are some more steps may require. For example, the home owner may require a consultant to check all structural designs are being implemented properly. Thanks for the informative post.

    • Avatar
      mosbyobinah patrick
      Oct 16, 2018

      so nice desig ne

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