Tired of Old Kitchen?

Tired of Old Kitchen?

Tired of Old Kitchen?

Tired of Old Kitchen? Is your kitchen falling apart?

Perhaps, it is the time to renovate!

Many of us live in home where the kitchens were made many years ago. You moved into a home where the kitchen was already there, and it doesn’t really work like you want. A very common problem is that the kitchen is just “falling apart” . The drawers are stuck, the shutters are falling off, the paint is peeling, and, of course, the “deemak” and the cockroaches have made a home in your kitchen!!


Before you start renovation of the kitchen it is very important  to assess.

 “What do I need?”

It is really important to think about what you really need. What is it that you are really missing? Do you need more storage (don’t we all !!)? Do you need more work counter space? Do you need easy access to your crockery? You can’t use your favorite food processor because you can’t access it easily, or don’t have place to put it?

Do you miss electrical points at a certain place in the kitchen, where you would love to use your appliances? Do you miss a tap where you want to do your washing?

Is your kitchen just too dark? Do you have trouble picking out the stones  from your rice before you cook it?

Do you want to have your washing machine or ironing  in your kitchen?

Who cooks in the household? Is it you or the hired cook? Or maybe both!

Would you love to sit in the kitchen and serve that hot parantha to your family right there in the kitchen?

Do you believe in Vaastu? Do you want that incorporated?

It is a great idea to really find out your NEEDS It is only then that you can move towards a successful solution for your new kitchen. So think of all your needs and list them down. Yes, I really mean write them down!!

Now that you have assessed what you want, you now have to PRIORITIZE . That means you need to grade your needs in terms of “what I must have” to “it will be nice to have” .

We all live in homes which have limited space and kitchens are smaller than what you would like them to be (aren’t we all so greedy!)! You must realize that ALL that we want can’t be fulfilled, but the “must have” will have to be put in.

Next you need to assess - 

“What do I HAVE”

We have to be practical in life (unfortunately)!

You must have an idea of what you have and how much you can change. Sometimes  you have the luxury of having the option and the finances, of totally ripping out the existing kitchen, and rebuilding that dream kitchen, but that’s always not the case. So you have to decide, how much you want to spend on the kitchen and how much time do you have to do this renovation.

You may want to relocate the sink. But is it possible? Or maybe it’s possible, but can you really go into that much of breaking hacking etc? Are you going to be in this house for the next 2 years or the next 10 years? Do you want to change the backsplash tiles or the counter top slab entirely?

It is very important to know about your limitations, because that way you will not be confused, or overspend, or take too long.

Now with this information in mind - 

 “Talk to an EXPERT”

Yes, it is important to get a professional in. It could be an Architect, an Interior Designer or a Kitchen Designer.  If you are going in for a Modular Kitchen, very often they will provide you with the design service (and not even charge for it)!

Kitchen designing has come a long way. Now there is data and studies to improve kitchen efficiency. Moreover there are such fantastic kitchen equipment and hardware available out there that you might not be aware of, but which will improve the working of your kitchen immensely.

Give the data that you have collected, tell the expert your wish list (maybe even your wildest ones!), and then let him find a solution for that dream Kitchen. It is very important that the basics of your kitchen be RIGHT. It will be a pity that after the whole process of renovation, you still feel something is missing. It is easier to buy that fancy microwave later than ripping out rewiring.

In our next few segments  we shall  look into the various aspect of Kitchen designing, storage, work counter, lighting, plumbing, drainage, ventilation etc

We shall also introduce you the “Kitchen Triangle”, a way to get your kitchen more efficient.


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      Jacob Martin
      Jun 24, 2016

      Yes, the home decor seems very tiring sometimes, so to make your cooking best renovating the kitchen is the best idea. For that we need an expert's suggestion, that makes our home looks bright. I agree to this.

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