Including Polka Dots In Your Home Decor

Including Polka Dots In Your Home Decor

Including Polka Dots In Your Home Decor

Polka Dots have a very nice, vibrant feel to them. They instantly take you to the retro space and era, and are considered to be quite a playful pattern to include in your home décor.


Some people are very fond of polka dots and want to make it a part of their home decor. However, they are always very scared of overdoing it, and sometimes don’t have enough practical ideas to incorporate this pattern in their interiors.


We’ve simplified this for you and made a list of 5 easy ways in which you can include polka dots in your home décor.


1. Polka Dot Walls

When everything else in your room seems to be working well for you, but is pattern-less and somewhat mundane, then brightening up one major wall with a polka dot pattern could be a good move. You can do this either by painting it out, or opting for wall stickers, murals or decals that can be placed in any random pattern to get a polka dot feel. From baby rooms to kitchens to living rooms to your study, polka dot walls can liven up just about any space.


2. Polka Dot Furniture & Upholstery

You can opt for furniture that is already designed that way or paint the existing furniture with a polka dot pattern. Bright polka dotted furniture against plain walls and a monochromatic sort of setting seems pretty interesting. You can mix and match the upholstery to get the desirable effect, and the polka dot sizes can vary depending on how playful or sober you want the space to be.


3. Polka Dot Decorative Pieces

These could be lamps (table and wall-hanging ones), flower vases, cutlery, crockery, candle stands and a lot more. Basically, as long as you have some polka dotted accessories in the room in a set color palette or scheme, your room will look well coordinated and balanced, and the polka dot objects will give a good break to the monotony.


4. Polka Dot Bed and Bath Linen

Cushions, bed covers, bed sheets etc. are available in various colors in the polka dot pattern, and can be used to enhance the look and feel of any room. Most people prefer bigger dotted patterns in kids’ rooms, while the smaller prints and subtler patterns look good just about anywhere in the house. The same goes for bath linen, which people very often match with their bathroom interior color palette. You can even use polka dot curtains on bedroom windows or polka dot shower curtains in bathrooms.


5. Polka Dot Flooring

Polka Dot PVC flooring, polka dot tiles or marble are usually the most common and preferred options for those who want their entire floor to be patterned. You can however, also make use of polka dot runners on stairs, rugs and carpets etc. around the house to add more appeal value to your interiors. Most of these statement rugs change the character of your room altogether and look very good.



So go ahead and try out some of these ideas to give a unique polka twist to your interiors. 

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