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Feb 17

House Construction In India

    Planning and Design       28 Comments   Views (4972)
Today, with the easy availability of housing loans, with better and competitive professional services, with innumerable building materials and products in the market and with ample information on the net, house construction in India seems like a walk in the park!... Read more
Feb 17

Vaastu Plan

    Planning and Design       4 Comments   Views (2380)
Once the Project Brief has been prepared and you have a rough idea of your preferences in the Choice of materials, the Interiors and the Exteriors, it is time to turn your thoughts to the plan of the House. Many people are unsure as to how the rooms should be laid out (the Plan).So, an easy way to start in this direction is to refer to the Vaastu Plan called the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.... Read more
Feb 17

Summary of an Architect work

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (815)
An Architect is a person trained and licensed to plan, design and oversee (supervise) the construction of a house or a building. The word "architect" comes from Latin architectus, which in turn is derived from the Greek arkhitekton (arkhi, chief + tekton, builder"). In its broadest sense, an Architect is a person who translates a user's requirements into a built environment.... Read more
Feb 17

Advantages That Only An Architect Has

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (682)
In this post you can read about the special advantages that you will have by selecting an Architect for the design and construction of your house.... Read more
Feb 17

Architect's Services

    Planning and Design       1 Comments   Views (1200)
This post will give you, the client, an idea of the responsibilities, the scope of work and services that you can expect from the Architect, as prescribed by the Council of Architecture (CoA) in the Conditions of Engagement of Architects.... Read more
Feb 17

Selecting The Right Architect

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (715)
Choosing your Architect should be done with care.Your relationship will be a lengthy one involving big sums of money and for most people, possibly the biggest investment they will ever make. So it is important that you choose the right Architect, one you can trust. Here are some points to consider when choosing an Architect.... Read more
Feb 17

Briefing the Architect

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (666)
Once you have zeroed in on the right Architect, the next step is to brief the Architect with your requirements. It is advisable to be well prepared as it will enable the Architect to understand your ideas better.... Read more
Feb 17

Tips to keep your repair & maintenance costs to a minimum

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (622)
Defrost your freezer if the ice is 5mm thick. Keep the temperature towards the higher side in order to avoid over frosting of the food in winters. Get refrigerator services once in a year it would keep its condenser coil dust free by vacuuming it. Servicing will ensure the magnetic door seal on the refrigerator doesn’t leak also that on/off cycle of the refrigerator works properly. This will also give a longer life to your refrigerator.... Read more
Feb 17

Paint House Yourself Tips

    Home Decor       1 Comments   Views (610)
When writing the last entry, I felt there was so much more to say about the supplies you need before you start to paint a room yourself. So many little tricks I have learned about being “ready”. I wanted to share these with you. Some may seem like common sense to most, especially if you have painted before. To others, I think these notes, these TIPS, can save you a lot of heartache. ... Read more
Feb 17

Civil Engineering Tips for construction of house

    Planning and Design       14 Comments   Views (1444)
Finalise the Rate of Construction with the Contractor at the onset. It can be settled either on Labour Rates or on With Material Basis. It is better to settle the rates as per Labour Rates provided you can yourself manage supply of good quality materials at competive rates.... Read more
Feb 17

Do you know About Varieties of Cements

    Materials Guide       1 Comments   Views (990)
The cements produced by intergrading of cement clinker prepared in rotary cement kiln along with 3-5 % gypsum only are called as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Depending upon the strength requirement OPC is further classified as OPC-33 grade, OPC-43 grade and OPC-53 grade.... Read more
Feb 17

How Bricks are made

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (907)
Bricks made by shaping a plastic mass of clay and water, which is then hardened by drying and firing Clay materials are compounds of alumina, silica with minor amounts of lime, magnesia,soda or potash. Iron compounds, usually the oxides, hydroxides or carbonates,Clays containing up to 3% of iron oxide give white to cream or buff colours, which change to pinks and reds as the iron oxide content rises to between 8 and 10%.... Read more
Feb 17

Types of Plumbing (Sanitaryware) Pipes & Fittings

    Materials Guide       5 Comments   Views (2365)
Types of Plumbing (Sanitaryware) Pipes & Fittings... Read more
Feb 17

Tips for Painting and Re-painting

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (674)
Variety of paints and Primer available in the market, here is an attempt to brief about products and their application Primers. These are used under the finish coat for more even painting and to provide a bonding between the undersurface and the top paint finish. ... Read more
Feb 17

Information About Aggregate, Sand, Silt And Clay

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (1618)
Aggregate is another name of sand, gravel and crushed stone that are used with a binding medium (such as water, bitumen, portland cement, lime, etc.) to form compound materials. Aggregates can either be natural or manufactured. Natural aggregates are generally extracted by mechanical crushing from larger rock.... Read more
Feb 17

How to care for your wood furniture

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (541)
The grain patterns on wood may vary depending on the species and way in which it is sawn – for example, Sheesham is grown across several regions of India, each with unique mineral soil compositions, resulting in grain pattern structures that are just characteristics of the natural beauty of the wood. Some furniture is deliberately aged to give it a more rustic feel.... Read more
Feb 17

Gaps between Buildings for earthquake related movement

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (1157)
When a building experiences earthquake vibrations its foundation will move back and forth with the ground. These vibrations can be quite intense, creating stresses and deformation throughout the structure making the upper edges of the building swing from a few mm to many inches dependent on their height size and mass. ... Read more
Feb 17

Rise in use of toxic and flammable thermal insulations in buildings: Is there a alternative

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (605)
There has been a rise in the use of thermal insulation materials inside commercial, public, residential buildings. In India more than 80% of the buildings are made of RCC and bricks thus this insulation is provided at various locations inside or outside the building for the following purposes.... Read more
Feb 17

Green Buildings, Energy Efficient Construction Technologies

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (717)
To design the building components so that a normal modern house of say 3500 sft can be centrally air-conditioned to provide very efficient airconditioned cooling during summers and heating during winters at an average running energy costs of Rs 3500/- to Rs 5000/- a month.... Read more
Feb 17

Effect of sanitory systems on strength of structures

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (512)
Where ever proper planning is done during construction sanitary vertical stakes are fixed on outer faces of walls. But in the recent years a trend has started to embedd these pipes with in walls in smaller housing. ... Read more
Feb 17

Effect of conduits for electrical cables on strength of structures

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (738)
It is a normal practice to lay p.v.c or steel pipes for electrical cables in R.C.C slabs.As per structural design a opening can be created at centre of the slab thickness in direction of the shorter span after proper checks and calculations.... Read more
Feb 17

Earthquake Resistant Construction

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (554)
When a building experiences earthquake vibrations its foundation will move back and forth with the ground. These vibrations can be quite intense, creating stresses and deformation throughout the structure.... Read more
Feb 17

Mud Phuska and Brick Tiles Flooring as Specified by CPWD

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (811)
We give below proper procedure of applying bitumen and laying mud phuska with brick tiles on top as given by the C. P. W. D.... Read more
Feb 17

Role of contractor and tips for construction and precautions

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (582)
Construction with the help of Labour Contractor Its generally observed that more than 90% of the construction of residences, commercial buildings and Industries at the small scale level are done directly by the Owner with the help of Labour Contractor and a Architect / Engineer... Read more
Feb 17

List of Drawings and type of supervision expected from a Architect

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (1907)
For a Layman its tough to know what to expect of his Architect and what type of drawings should be expected of him.At times he is also not aware regarding what all he should discuss with his architect. ... Read more
Feb 17

Low Cost Brickwork Techniques

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (825)
In India the major component used in construction is brick walls. Bricks normally used for this purpose are of size 9" x 4" x 3" due to this normally all main walls are 9" thick.... Read more
Feb 17

Tips on Vastu for a Living Room

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (577)
The Vastu for Living Room has a set of basic rules which when followed can let you and your family have a problem free-living in the Living Room. Firstly, it is very important to know that living room should always face the East or the North direction.... Read more
Feb 17

How to Calculate your Monthly Electrical Expenses/Cost

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (659)
If your Electrical Bill is running sky high monthly, knowing how they add up might give you a rough idea on where you can save up. In every household, the biggest culprits that can send your Bill sky rocking are:... Read more
Feb 04

How does Inverter technology help in saving electricity

    Home Appliances       24 Comments   Views (35073)
Air Conditioners are a pain point for most people in our country who are concerned about their electricity bills. The moment an air conditioner is added to the list of appliances used in a household, the electricity bills increase significantly.... Read more
Feb 04

How to select an Airconditioner

    Home Appliances       0 Comments   Views (600)
Capacity: The capacity of the air conditioner should be considered depending on the floor size of the room for which the AC is required. A rough measure states that an area in range of 120 ~140 Sq. ft. area will need 1 ton, 150 ~180 Sq. ft. area will need 1.5 ton and 180 ~240 Sq. ft. area will need 2 ton cooling capacity air –conditioner.... Read more
Feb 04

New House Buying Checklist

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (582)
Location- connectivity to Main road/office/major entertainment places Are there any Hospital/temples/Malls etc nearby?... Read more
Feb 04

Cost of Construction (CoC) of a building

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (663)
Most asked and yet the least understood question in this industry When you plan to construct a house, one question that always plagues you is “what will be the cost of constructing it?”... Read more
Feb 04

Design Ideas for Your Little Girl's Room

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (540)
Girl’s room designing ideas usually varies from that of boys. Nevertheless, while beautifying a girl’s living space you must make sure to make it appear like a princess abode, and also keep in mind that a girl’s room in your home is her castle... Read more
Feb 04

How to select furniture for your home

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (556)
Buying the right kind of furniture requires analysis of certain aspects of designing like the area in which the furniture will be placed, the space available and your budget.... Read more
Feb 04

Thumb Rules-Construction

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (603)
I recently made a house for myself - oh it was not an easy task. Getting land and managing finances was one of the most challenging tasks but getting the entire construction done seemed Herculean effort for someone not initiated or new to this industry. ... Read more
Feb 04


    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (834)
Following important points to know while planning a house at Delhi :- 1. Road level in front of plot is taken as zero level for all levels in the building.Plinth level is kept at least one ft. higher level 1.0 or higher.Total height of the building allowed is 15.0 meters or 49.21 ft. In case of Gurgaon,Total height allowed is 11.00 36.00 ft. & besides basement, GF, Ist &IInd floor are allowed.... Read more
Feb 04

Flower Power in Your Home

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (580)
Splash some flower power on your walls, Curtains and Even Bedsheets Who does not like the season of spring that brings so many colours to the nature. This phase of blossom is seen only once in a year but with right choice of designs, you can bring it inside your home and experience the season for complete 365 days of the year.... Read more
Feb 04

Best Ways to Add Value to your Home

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (9018)
Every homeowner’s goal is for the value of their home to appreciate over time. Nobody wants to invest in something that loses value as it ages. Because of this, it is important for homeowners to consider some of the top upgrades that are catching the eye of house hunters in the market. Here is a compilation of some of the best upgrades you can do to increase the value of your home.... Read more
Feb 04

Enhance Your Interior With Different Style

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (762)
With so many different types of stone to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect color and pattern to fit an style. Natural stone including granite, marble and travertine have the ability to enhance a style in a space. As with choosing the right wood stain, wall paint color, or fabrics, choosing the right stone is just as important... Read more
Feb 04

Benefits of Custom Made Furniture for your Bedroom

    Materials Guide       9 Comments   Views (1845)
The Bedroom is one of the most important sectors of the house. This is because everyone spends almost a third of their time in their bedroom. As a homeowner, don’t you wish that your bedroom is one of the most comfortable and cozy place to be?... Read more
Feb 04

10 ways to make your bedroom a better sleeping chamber

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (503)
Sleeping rejuvenates and energizes the body, important for well being. Bed rooms must provide requisite sleeping comforts for a cozy slumber. Here are a few ways to make your bedroom a better sleeping place... Read more
Feb 04

How to minimize Electricity Bill This Summer

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (549)
How to minimize Electricity Bill this summer? It is normal phenomenon that we get a huge electricity bill during summers as compared to winters. So Easy Fix has brought some tips for you to minimize the bill this summer.... Read more
Feb 04

Top Ten Flooring Ideas For You (Part III)

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (455)
Advantages Sturdy Water-resistant in layer type Convenient to clean up Cosy... Read more
Feb 04

Top Ten Flooring Ideas For You (Part II)

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (435)
Advantages Resilient, reasonably priced Convenient to clean up as well as preserve Prevents unsightly stains... Read more
Feb 04

Top Ten Flooring Ideas For You (Part I)

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (870)
In case you are remodelling your house, installing brand new flooring is one of the easiest ways to substantially modify the appearance of a room. While it could be an expensive option, it is still something that you would like to consider to give your home a face change.... Read more
Feb 04

What flooring works best with which room

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (483)
Looking at the options available in the market today, you might have wondered what type of floor surface will be most effective for you? There are options that one can look from aesthetics perspective or from ease of installation and availability perspectice or simply from maintainability and durability perspective. Of course, cost will remain one major criteria to arrive at the decision.... Read more
Feb 04

ALL ABOUT PAINTS-Oil Bound Distemper or Plastic Paints

    Materials Guide       5 Comments   Views (24590)
Do you feel that the walls of your home appear quite monotonous and even uninviting? If you wish to paint the wall in your home, but you are puzzled as to what kind of paint might go well with the wall, so given below are some vital points regarding these paints... Read more
Feb 04

Color combination for kid's room

    Materials Guide       0 Comments   Views (618)
Using certain colour combinations, you can make your childrens' room look unique. Shades of pink , green can beautify your girl child's room while shades of blue and yellow can enhance your boy child's room. Rest its all a game of mix and match you can do with lot of bright colours.... Read more
Feb 04

Bringing the outdoors in

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (598)
With high rises mushrooming everywhere over the green landscape, busy hectic schedules leaving no time for a stroll in the neighbouring park and real estate prices squeezing the square foot in your apartment…bringing the outdoors in with a complete overhaul or small touches can liven up your interiors and lighten your mood... Read more
Feb 04

Color Trends for 2015

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (585)
Seems like the color spectrum is in a very generous mood for 2015...because from soft pastels and smokey greys to bursts of Mediterranean blue and Vibrant orange.. To nature inspired greens especially olive green...and Pantone Marsala making its presence felt on every furnishing ... Read more
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