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Feb 04

Bedroom Trends for 2015

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Here’s a little experiment for you to try. Look at the image above for a minute. See the soft carpet , notice the vase of greens by the bedside, the stylish lounge chair and the lush views outside… Now close your eyes and imagine waking up in this stunning bedroom every morning... Read more
Feb 04

According to Taste

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A home is a reflection of its owner’s personality. This home speaks volumes about its owner’s eclectic tastes in both art and interior décor. Makenlive likes the earthy and eclectic feel that is created with a careful blend of both store-bought furniture and family heirlooms, an eye for art and as well as quirky artifacts. This is truly a house designed according to its owner’s taste.... Read more
Feb 04

Seating ideas for your bedroom

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Seating ideas for your bedroom What are the chances that you walk into your bedroom and its not just to take a nap? Most of us use our sleeping space for TV Viewing , as dressing rooms, reading areas, play spaces for kids, or even as a space to entertain guests. The best way to decide on what kind of seating (apart from your bed ) is suitable for your bedroom, find out what you want to get accomplished in here. Our experts at mathsscience.c... Read more
Feb 04

Interview with Mansi Sethna Pandey of The Design House Company

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MNL:How do you get your design inspiration? Mansi:I have always been inspired by everything that represents modern India, the ever-changing lifestyles, yet being bonded with our culture.... Read more
Feb 04

Interview with Madhu Singhvi and Dipti Singhvi of Baar Baar Dekho

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MNL:How did the idea of 'Baar Baar Dekho' come to you? BBD:Baar Baar Dekho was born out of our love for DIY projects. There is a lot that is there in the market and a lot more that can be there! We thought of creating productsthat are exclusive and that give a sense of happiness when looked at. And we believe handmade stuff does that - things made with love reflect love. And then you want to ‘Baar baar dekho’ them ... Read more
Feb 04

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Bedrooms

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We indians love our GOLD… this glossy yellow metal spells grandeur and opulence and glam..…and so it was very natural for palaces of yesteryear to be gilded from top to bottom with this precious metal. This love affair between interiors and gold continues to this date but since gilding or gold leafing is out of bounds for mos... Read more
Feb 04

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Living Rooms

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Gold interiors for the living room/drawing room is like bread and butter. A classic combination since, every other home that one visits, has either this color in abundance or at least an artifact lurking somewhere. Most of us have something in this color for the room that is the formal introduction to our homes.... Read more
Feb 04

Things To Look For When Moving Into A New House

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Whether your previous apartment lease is about to get over and you need to rent a new place, or you are finally thinking of buying your own home, shifting into a new home can be quite a hassle. ... Read more
Feb 04

How to Increase Appliances' Life

    Home Appliances       3 Comments   Views (722)
Modern day lifestyle is extremely dependent on technology. There is a technological solution and alternative to most manual tasks that people used to indulge in earlier. Clothes can now be washed with washing machines, utensils can be washed with dishwashers, dust can be removed with vacuum cleaners, and even your hair can be dried and styled with hair dryers!... Read more
Feb 04

Fairy Lights Inspiration

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Love fairy lights and decorating your home with them? We've collected some of our favorite fairy light inspiration pictures from the Internet and are sharing them with you over here! Go ahead, and try these simple DIY decor projects. ... Read more
Feb 04

Infusing Bling In Your Home

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Contemporary home décor has become really flexible. Conventional interior decoration rules don’t apply anymore, and specialists from the industry as well as home enthusiasts these days are up for experiments. Everyone wants to try something new and unique, to get a result that’s out-of-the-box and appealing at the same time.... Read more
Feb 04

Interview with Deewarist

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It all began in 2012 when me and my partner Jaidev Rupani stumbled across decals as a home decoration option. The designs came across as too generic and didn’t cater to Indian needs... Read more
Feb 04

4 Reasons Why Wall Decals Are Great

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Wall decals, more commonly known as wall stickers are the new ‘in’ thing these days. They’ve been creating quite a rage in the market, and have now become one of the most preferred items for giving an instant DIY makeover to any room of your home or office.... Read more
Feb 04

Why Do We All Need A Beautiful Home

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Ever wondered why there are some people who constantly insist that we all have a beautiful home? Why is it that some people are always so keen on decorating and beautifying their homes as compared to others? If ... Read more
Feb 04

Interview with D Dezign Street

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MNL: What does 'design' mean to you? DDS: At D’Dezign Street, designing plays a vital role. It’s a creative and an artistic approach to satisfy our passion. Designing for us is like an activity, which translates an idea into a creative product.... Read more
Feb 04

The MIDAS Touch: Gold In Bathrooms

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SERIES 3: ADDING GOLD ACCENTS TO YOUR BATHROOM INTERIORS Bathrooms have become the pièce de résistance in many up market homes, where bathing turns from a mere daily ritual to an experience. The trend is to create luxury bathrooms with stylish fittings , wallpaper, tiles etc.... Read more
Feb 03

Wall Painting and Decals

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Want to see what a wall painting or decal can do to your building? ... Read more
Jan 23

Practical Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (759)
If your new bathroom does not look like much and a makeover is in order, several things an be done to improve the look and feel of a small bathroom. If you are faced with the challenge of doing up a small bathroom, check out these easy tricks to get started.... Read more
Jan 22

Creating Your Work-From-Home Office

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Here’s how you can make an effective and productive work-from-home office without getting your peace disrupted, and without getting distracted from homely temptations and chores!... Read more
Jan 22

Kitchen Backsplash Materials

    Modular Kitchens       3 Comments   Views (1767)
A Kitchen backsplash is a vertical extension to a kitchen counter which protects the wall from unintended splashes of water, oil and food. It also prevents spilled liquids from leaking behind the kitchen cabinets. A distinctive backsplash can also help a kitchen look great as it gives the room a finished quality. A backsplash should be made of an easy-to-clean material, such as tiles, granite, Corian, Silestone, stainless steel, etc. ... Read more
Jan 22

Kitchen Countertop Material Guidelines

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The Kitchen countertop needs to be extremely hard-wearing, sturdy and add to the beauty of the kitchen. There are several different types of materials available for Kitchen countertops and it can be very confusing for you, to make the right choice. Find the 10 best materials that I would recommend, along with their unique advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make the right choice when you do up your Kitchen.... Read more
Jan 22

5 Affordable Ways To Give Your Child A Cartoon Themed Bedroom

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Making a cartoon themed bedroom for a young child, who wants a lively and colorful room, which makes him/ her feel like living in there forever.... Read more
Jan 22

Decorating with Fur

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Decorating with fur is always fun! It is one of the most preferred decorating options during winters, due to the obvious ‘coziness’ factor. However, you can now decorate your homes with fur all-year-round with some simple tips.... Read more
Jan 22

Including Polka Dots In Your Home Decor

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Polka Dots have a very nice, vibrant feel to them. They instantly take you to the retro space and era, and are considered to be quite a playful pattern to include in your home décor.... Read more
Jan 12

Tired of Old Kitchen?

    Modular Kitchens       1 Comments   Views (619)
Tired of Old Kitchen? Is your kitchen falling apart? Perhaps, it is the time to renovate! Many of us live in home where the kitchens were made many years ago. You moved into a home where the kitchen was already there, and it doesn’t really work like you want. A very common problem is that the kitchen is just “falling apart” . The drawers are stuck, the shutters are falling off, the paint is peeling, and, of course, the “deemak” and the co... Read more
Jan 12

Flooring Materials

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Flooring can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home. It also contributes to the resale value as well as enhances the character of a home.... Read more
Jan 12

Difference between Laminate and Veneer

    Materials Guide       2 Comments   Views (949)
Let us understand the difference between veneers and laminates, two of the most commonly used materials these days, which are being used for giving final finishing to the plywood for the wooden furniture.... Read more
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