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Jan 22

Including Polka Dots In Your Home Decor

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (615)
Polka Dots have a very nice, vibrant feel to them. They instantly take you to the retro space and era, and are considered to be quite a playful pattern to include in your home décor.... Read more
Jan 22

Decorating with Fur

    Home Decor       1 Comments   Views (1084)
Decorating with fur is always fun! It is one of the most preferred decorating options during winters, due to the obvious ‘coziness’ factor. However, you can now decorate your homes with fur all-year-round with some simple tips.... Read more
Jan 22

5 Affordable Ways To Give Your Child A Cartoon Themed Bedroom

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (738)
Making a cartoon themed bedroom for a young child, who wants a lively and colorful room, which makes him/ her feel like living in there forever.... Read more
Jan 22

Creating Your Work-From-Home Office

    Home Decor       0 Comments   Views (569)
Here’s how you can make an effective and productive work-from-home office without getting your peace disrupted, and without getting distracted from homely temptations and chores!... Read more
Jan 23

Practical Renovation Tips for Small Bathrooms

    Planning and Design       0 Comments   Views (773)
If your new bathroom does not look like much and a makeover is in order, several things an be done to improve the look and feel of a small bathroom. If you are faced with the challenge of doing up a small bathroom, check out these easy tricks to get started.... Read more
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