What is Make 'n' Live?

Make 'n' Live is your PERSONAL PROJECT MANAGER for all your interiors and renovation needs. Design your kitchen, bedrooms, living room or your entire house. Get ideas, buy products or read about different types of materials and finishes. Customise the design as per your requirement and get pre-priced options to suit your budgets.

You can order online or discuss your requirements with our experts who will guide you and give you detailed specifications, pricing and answers to your queries before you need to place the order. Go ahead, explore the site and experience the Make 'n' Live advantage!

What is Make 'n' Live advantage? Why do I need a personal Project Manager when I can do it myself without spending extra money?

Interiors - Beautiful. Affordable. Convenient.

Doing interiors of your home should be a joyful process. It is a creative exercise - it is very personal in nature. You want your surroundings to be an extension of you.
We are trying to take away the pain that you might have to go through in this process!

Doing Home Interiors brings to mind expensive decor items and high-priced interior designers. You often are not able to visualise what you want and what all items you need and where to source those items from. You do not know how much it will cost and will it be feasible for you to get reliable vendors and whether you will even be able to get the time to manage it all.

Make 'n' Live is your answer to all these questions. Like Jeeves in Wodehouse books, you have a Project Manager who knows it all - someone who has answers to all your worries so that you can do what you want to do. As your personal Project Manager, Make 'n' Live helps in -

* Offering pre-designed, pre-priced interior solutions for "your" home
* Suggesting specifications and product options to suit your budget - Economy, Premium & Luxury
* Helping you visualise your home with decor through an Idea Palette and through 2D and 3D views
* Offering customisation in the pre-designed packages or completely tailored solutions as per the need and the budget
* Providing turnkey solutions including quality management, cost and timeline monitoring and vendor coordination
* Providing project updates and handling your queries related to materials, finishes and alternate options during the project execution

And, the best part is that most of these services are FREE or come at a very nominal cost!

Where all is Make 'n' Live offering its services?

Currently we are offering our services only in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Greater Noida.
For other cities, please get in touch with our team.

I am an NRI. Can Make 'n' Live realistically manage my apartment interiors till renting it out without my being in the city?

We have a lot of clients who are in Singapore, Middle East, USA and even those who are based in Mumbai or Bangalore.
They have their apartments in Gurgaon or Noida and have had a smooth experience in getting their works done through us. If you want, you can talk to some of them and then decide. If you want to understand the process or talk to an existing client, please get in touch with our team.

I have an office space (or a retail space) and want to plan its interiors.
Will Make 'n' Live be able to help?

We have been doing customised projects - offices, retail showrooms and even taking up civil structure works for some of our clients. We will like to understand your requirement and then can suggest the best course of action.

Is Make 'n' Live primarily offering woodwork in homes or are you offering other services too?

As a part of our standard packages, we offer essential items including woodwork, electrical products, bath accessories, glass and mirror works etc.
However, depending on the customer needs we take up complete interior works such as furniture, flooring options, false ceilings, light fittings and fixtures and paint work.

I also got quotes from a local carpenter and he seems to be much cheaper. You have a very good team profile. I am sure you must be expensive compared to local carpenters and other vendors. Don’t you agree?

We are extremely competitive in terms of pricing. We operate on a WICIWYG principle - "What Is Committed Is What You Get". Unfortunately, this industry is full of people who promise something and deliver something else. They do not adhere to the agreed product specifications, quality basics, cost estimates and to the timelines. These are exactly the reasons why you feel frustrated and cheated at the end of taking up any such exercise.

So, we proudly say that we are not the cheapest - we cannot compete with people who have no ethics. But we are definitely very, very competitive. Try to compare our prices with any of the reasonably sized vendors who delivers good stuff and you will find us economical. This is our strength and this is the cornerstone of our reputation.

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